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MPC-008 Matt Steward from

Posted by on December 30, 2014

MPC Podcast Epsiode #8

  • Air Asia Flight 8501
  • Matt Steward –


As a pilot or aviation enthusiast, we get to see and experience things that most do not. has taken the next step in social media to resolve this problem.   There are sights and sounds from the world above that gives a whole new perspective on the world.    In this Episode, Mr. Matt Steward from ShareAviation joins us to discuss what he and his partners have developed to help SHARE our experiences with others or amongst fellow aviation geeks!


These days social media seems to be the way that people stay in touch from around the world.   ShareAviation has taken these same principles as we have all become accustomed to like facebook and twitter and customized it targeting the aviation community.   You can find all kinds of examples of the motto, the backbone, the theme, of ShareAviation all over the net.   YouTube, Vimeo, Google…..All of these sources have tons of information geared toward us as pilots and fans of aviation.  ShareAviation has created a once stop shop for all of this fantastic media.    Take for example a new student getting ready to solo……..what a way to capture that special moment in ones life than to record a video of the event.   What happens next…..You are so proud of the moment that you can not wait to “share” that experience with your friends and family.   It is on our nature to bring others in on our happiness and give them a glimpse into our dreams and realities.  Maybe its just some incredible aviation photography, a local fly in at your nearby airport, FAA Training Seminars, Air shows,  Young Eagle events or even veteran pilots helping those of us that are just starting out as student pilots.   These are all examples of things that we love to share with others.  If you are a pilot or aviation geek, please go visit ShareAviation, Sign up, and start to have fun discussing, learning, and sharing all things aviation.   These guys have really done an outstanding job in such a short time period bringing the aviation community together in one spot.


If you would like more information or have a question for Matt you may email him…..



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