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Come On Over….FaceBook is where it’s at!

Posted by on January 5, 2014

Hey everybody,  Thanks for stopping by My Pilot Chronicles.
Lots of stuff in the works is going on behind the scene.   I have been a few months behind in the Podcast and have been working on getting some new episodes recorded and up online.   Its funny how things work in this crazy industry.   The people you meet, the doors that come open, and the experiences that you get to enjoy.    2013 was an amazing year for me.   I obtained my Instrument Rating and also My Commercial Rating and have been Flying Sky Divers on the weekends.   That has been an absolute blast, let me tell you!

2014 is going to be a life changing year for me!  I have so many things in the works!   Currently I am working on my CFI and CFII ratings and should have those complete by the end of February.  After that I will be getting my Multi-Engine Rating and Float Plane Rating.   Just seems that I can not get enough flying in… I would like to experience pretty much every aspect of the aviation industry!   I hope you keep tagging along as I work my way up the ladder and see where this roller coaster takes me.   Its going to be one heck of a ride for sure.

In the meantime, Please join me on a Daily basis over on FACEBOOK.   I am always posting photos, news stories, videos, and all kinds of other aviation related information.   Its really the daily blog of the site.

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see or hear from you down the line somewhere….

Till then… Keep the Blue Side Up!!


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