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MPC-011 How Air Traffic Control and Pilots can work together.

Posted by on February 20, 2015

MPC Podcast Epsiode #11

  • TransAsia ATR Crash Update / Pilot Training
  • A little tail wheel talking
  • Special Guest – Philip Perez / Nicole Webb from Ft. Worth ARTCC


Are you afraid to talk to ATC?  Ever been on the verge of what you might think was an emergency and needed help?  Join us in this episode of MPC as special guest Philip Perez and Nicole Webb from the Fort Worth ARTCC (Center) discuss the role of ATC and the services they have to offer pilots.  ATC is a great resource to be able to tap into when needed.  They are trained for many years before they are allowed to handle the skies solo.   We as pilots probably do not know the amount of training and dedication that these controllers have to their jobs.   A few months ago, I was lucky enough to tour Ft. Worth Center and see the operation first hand.   Simply put, it was AMAZING!
Think of ATC as a life line when you need it.   These people are dedicated to make the skies safe for all of us.   If you think pilots have it hard, imagine memorizing a sectional and all the data, symbols, frequencies, colors, etc…….and then having to recreate that map and draw it by memory.  This is what the training is like for an air traffic controller and usually takes several years to develop the mental image.   ATC are people just like me and you.  They put their pants on the same way we do.   As I strolled through the ATC building, it was amazing to see the dance that was happening.   As a pilot, I had no clue the workload and the stress that a controller had.  ATC is there to help you have a safe flight.  Weather avoidance, traffic avoidance and sequencing, emergency situations, or just a friendly voice to talk to…..ATC serve many roles in our aviation world.   My recommendation is that if you are new, or maybe afraid to talk to ATC, then contact your local Center and setup a tour.  You will be surprised at what you learn and will help you as a pilot understand the system and the services they provide to us.   The one thing that I myself did as a young pilot was to request VFR flight following everywhere that I went.    This gets you in the system and lets you ease into a working interaction.  Bored on a flight? Call up ATC and ask how their day is going.  You will be amazed how easy it is to bust the dreaded fear of talking to ATC.   Go ahead, give it a try!

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