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MPC-009 International Boeing 777 Pilot Andy Shane

Posted by on January 12, 2015

MPC Podcast Epsiode #9

  • Air Asia Flight 8501 Update
  • NASA Launches Single Pilot Airline Operations Study
  • Special Guest – Airline Pilot Andy Shane

Have you ever wondered what it was like to fly an international airline route?  Join us as our guest Andy Shane discusses some of the challenges flying the Boeing 777 half way around the world.  Whether you have aspirations of becoming an airline pilot or just a fun flyer like most of us, Andy gives a few words of advice when it comes to talking to ATC.   Traveling to different parts of the world, you get to experience the different dialects and cultural differences.   “You have to be a Recorder”, Andy says.   What ever ATC tells you to do, be sure to read back exactly what they say word for word so that there is not a miss communication.   This is one of the biggest barriers to international flight.  Luckily on the Boeing 777, these flights consist of 4 pilots in the cockpit.  That is 8 eyeballs, and 8 ears watching and listening to everything going on.   Andy spent 10 years prior to the airlines flying the KC-135 in the Air Force.   Some of the most fun flying in his aviation career for sure.  If you want to fly the Airlines, Andy’s advice is to go for it!  It is an amazing career that he has enjoyed for over 20 years.


 Andy giving us a look inside the 777 Sim.


The Boeing 777 Cockpit



Andy and I recording Podcast #9 in his home office



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