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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Astronaut, Legend, American Hero – Gene Cernan

It’s not that often that you get to shake hands with an American Icon, let alone somebody that has stepped foot onto another planet. “THE MOON”    Today as I sat at the Stephenville Clark Field Airport studying for my commercial pilot checkride and visiting with local flight instructor Robert Johnston, we had a surprise guest … Continue reading »

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Cessna Citation X Visits Granbury, TX

It’s not that often that a Jet of this size flys into Granbury.   With our small 3800′ runway, this was a very light load for sure.  This is Cessna’s biggest jet that they produce.  The Citation X.   Powered by a couple of Rolls Royce Turbo Fan engines, the Citation will produce 6442lbs of thrust EACH!    … Continue reading »

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